Wednesday, March 4, 2009

YouTube - Connecting Everyone Around The World!

The YouTube video “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube” is an extremely inspirational presentation made to the Library of Congress by Michael Wesch. The video deals with the many possibilities of digital ethnography. It really got me thinking about how I relate to today’s rapidly changing media and more importantly my thoughts on YouTube. Prior to watching this video I always enjoyed watching random video’s and never really thought about what I was watching or why it might be there. After watching this clip I started to see the many ways in which YouTube and the notion of the online community has changed our society and our culture in the world in which we live.

YouTube has produced more content in the past six months than the daily television shows we watch. Since YouTube was launched in 2005 it has had a large impact on the world in which we live and especially on Web 2.0. Everyday there are over 9,323 hours of video that are uploaded to YouTube. This number is absolutely unreal!

YouTube has brought about a new form of expression, community and identity. YouTube is also being used by people in all age groups, it is something that is easy to get involved with and everyone wants to. Individuals all over the world have been getting into this new relationship with the camera, it is almost like they are flirting with it. Individuals can express themselves in whatever way they want and put it on YouTube and shortly after they will have formed a whole new community of followers.

YouTube has brought about new and unimaginable possibilities; it is linking people in ways that we never before thought were possible. It is a great way for individuals to connect with one another all over the world, it is connecting individuals across time and space. It is amazing to think that hours after someone puts up a video in Toronto, someone in Africa could be watching it. We see this with some of the most viewed videos on YouTube. The following is a list of some of what I believe are the funniest videos and they also happen to be the most popular (Click on each one to watch it!):

All of the above videos have had such an impact on people around the world that in response to them many individuals have created their own parodies to them. Soulja Boy has become one of the most widely known dances, everyone is doing it and there are so many videos on YouTube teaching the viewer how to do the dance one step at a time. In time we will be able to learn about almost anything on YouTube.

Although YouTube seems to be an amazing way to connect with others and to feel part of a community, there are some downsides to it. There is an increasingly number of frauds on YouTube. YouTube allows some to make up the personalities and characters of anyone they wish to be. As individuals living in this new world of Web 2.0 we need to be aware that the people we can come into contact with over the internet may not be what we think. After seeing this clip it makes me want to be like Wesch and take part in participant observation, so get ready YouTube cause here I come!

What YouTube videos are your favorites? Do you have an account? Let me know!

XOX Jessica

P.S. In case you are confused as to what this has to do with today’s latest buzz, fashion and university life, it is an assignment for my blogging class.


  1. I recently heard Soulja Boy on the radio telling how his dance is in the guinness book of world records for the most people doing the same dance at one time, that dance is a classic!

  2. That is crazy! This 100% is a classic dance, I still need to learn it. I try figuring it out on YouTube but I just do not have the time to learn all the steps perfectly!