Thursday, March 26, 2009

Make Your Own Headbands!

It is obvious that extravagant headbands have become one of the biggest trends this year, but sometimes it just seems ridiculous to pay $30 for a headband that looks like it did not take long to make. You may not think that you could make your own headbands but it is literally as easy as 1,2,3!

To make your own headbands just follow these three simple steps:
1. Go to any accessory store like Claire’s and Ardene and purchase a simple headband. These wont be more than $10 depending on the type you get.
2. At many accessory stores they have bows and flowers, purchase the ones you like. Then go to a craft store like Michael’s to get other accessories such as beads and jewels that you like.
3. Take some crazy glue and then attach the accessories you purchased on the headband.

It is just that simple! Now you have a completely original headband. Sometimes when you are purchasing accessories like bows or flowers, they will have clips attached to them. In this case you can just clip them onto the simple headband and reuse that same headband for all different accessories!

Any other headband makers out there? Try this out and let me know how it goes!

XOX Jessica


  1. Hey Jessica,
    That's a great idea to clip different accessories to the same headband. It makes the same piece so versatile. I'll definitely try that soon!

  2. I love making my own headbands too, but there are some designer styles that are just too gorgeous to pass up. I've bought several from They are affordable, so I don't feel guilty to add them to my collection.

  3. I totally agree that there are some designer headbands that I would not be able to give up! But to add more to your collection, making them yourself is a nice addition.

  4. you said it wasn't very expensive but if you add up all the headband at claire's and then the stuff @ micheal's thats a whole lot of money..

  5. I have to disagree. I have made many headbands and they can be really super cheap. You just have to get creative. A simple headband from Claire's can cost you a few dollars but if you want even cheaper go to the Dollar Store and you can find simple headbands there you can jazz up!

  6. Try getting a pack of headbands in the hair accessory aisle at Target, instead of Claire's. Same stuff, lots cheaper. Claire's overprices EVERYTHING!!! Then, take your 40% off coupon to Michael's. Never pay whole price there. Also, some Michael's and Hobby Lobby's sell regular hairbands for this purpose. Check around.