Friday, March 20, 2009


Scarves have always been a pretty big trend but more than ever, individuals both men and women have been wearing them. They are a great way to add some color to a fairly plain outfit, for example if you were wearing all black. This trend has especially been seen in the media, all the celebrities are wearing scarves!

They are not hard to find and the best part is that you can find them for fairly reasonable prices at places like Urban Outfitters. They can be worn in a variety of different ways and come in a wide assortment of styles and colors. Scarves are a must have accessory so make sure to go out and get one ASAP!

What’s your favorite scarf?

XOX Jessica


  1. Side note, you have GOT to check out Singer22 if you don't already know about it! And on topic, I am seeing a lot of scarves/tshirt combos matching, like Michael Stars which are so wonderful!

  2. Just checked out Singer22, it is unreal! I did not know about that site and now it is on my favorites list. Michael Stars has some great pieces.

  3. Wow...Nice And Awesome Scarves.