Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BlackBerry Messenger – I know you read my message!

Wherever I am I constantly see people glued to their BlackBerry’s, hence the term CrackBerry. For those lucky enough to have a BlackBerry along with a data plan, comes the wonderful BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) application. As if text messaging is not good enough, BBM allows individuals to practically be instant messaging every second of the day.

“Use BlackBerry
to chat with other BlackBerry smartphone users in an
easy-to-use instant messaging format. It is designed to support group-chat,
provide you with the availability status of your contacts and track message
delivery status”

One thing that I find fascinating about BBM is that it allows the user to know when their message has been sent and when it has been received. This is extremely convenient but at the same time I constantly hear people around campus or people I know making comments like “Ugh he totally read my message and just didn’t respond” or “Why would she just look at my message and decide not to answer?”. There are tons of questions like these ones that many are constantly trying to figure out.

I personally find it pretty entertaining how something like this could make some people a little bit crazy. I do however get a little stressed out when I happen to send one of my friends a BBM along with a question and he or she reads it and does not respond. You are unable to hide as easily from a BBM like one can hide from a text message.

So what do you think, is the ability to see whether someone read or hasn’t read your message a good thing? Or is it only going to bring about more problems for certain individuals?

XOX Jessica


  1. I love the BBM program! I just think it's more IM like VS standard texting. The ony problem is sometimes when you think it has delivered it really hasn't. I have a few friends in Canada that I BBM and sometimes they won't get my messages for a week and then all of a sudden WHOOOOOOM! All of them come in at once. The network I think is just overloaded from all of us addicts.

  2. I don't know about that read/unread business - but I have a Samsung Instinct and I wish I could be a part of this whole "BBM" business .. I'm obsessed with chatting and texting all day and I just need more.

    I wish I had a 'pin.' lol.

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  3. I personally don't have BBM, I don't get what all the fuss is about??
    It's the exact same as text msging - only you know when people receive your msgs ... so just text and dont spend the extra $15 a month for a data plan.

    everyone tells me that they can't explain why it's so good, it just is ...

    Can you help me out "care to be fixated"?

  4. I think a lot of people find it hard to explain how it differentiated between regular texting because there is no easier way to say it then it is just so much easier! I know it sounds ridiculous but personally I think that is the truth.
    It also can be seen as an exclusive thing because not everyone has it.
    On top of the BBM I must say that having a data plan is the best thing that has ever happened to me. BlackBerry's have push technology so as soon as you get an e-mail it is sent right to your phone instead of you having to sign into your e-mail account and check if you have any. It has transformed my life!

  5. Can you mark a bbm as unread once read ?xx

  6. No you can't but depending on the type of blackberry you have there are some tricks to reading messages without actually opening up the screen.

  7. Can you share what those tricks are...? I would love to know how to read a message without opening the screen!

  8. Well there are a few simple tricks... What kind of Blackberry do you have?

  9. Can you please tell me how does the above trick work?

  10. Depending on the Blackberry you have, I believe so. You just need to hit the button that looks like a paw print (to left of dial) when the message is highlighted (not actually once you're in the message itself), then there is an option to mark as unread. this option disappears once you are in the opened message.

  11. Ok so for the blackberry curve you can fully see the whole message without reading it... but what you can do is make the font on your phone really small so that when it shows up in ur messages you can read most of it before you actually open it.

    However on the curve you can read your messages without them displaying as read. When you can a message, instead of clicking on the person click on another people and youll see it message pop up at the bottom, scroll to the bottom so that you have it highlited and then right click on it so that you can copy it and then just paste it in another screen... Let me know if you understand this, It can be a little confusing.

    xox Jessica

  12. Is it possible to do the copy/paste with the new bbm 5.0? It always worked on the old one, but the new one only seems to copy the actual msg I'm viewing (not the streaming one highlighted at the bottom)

  13. i have a curve, and i don't really understand what you mean... because when i scroll down to the bottom of chat A to try and copy the other person's that i actually want, chat B, and then hit the blackberry button (pawprint, or whatever), and select copy chat, it copies the chat a, not the chat b that i actually want...

  14. This does not work on the new BBM so if you have the new BBM on your curve then it wont work. Sorry :(

  15. There's a way around this problem with BBM 5.0, I tested it out with my Storm and my Curve and it works.

    First thing you need to do is turn on "Save Message History" and select Media Card. (This trick might work with "Device" option enabled but media cards are dirt cheap and everyone should be using them in their berry's)

    Second thing you need to do is make sure Mass Storage mode is enabled on your blackberry.

    Once those 2 steps are taken care of you then simply connect your berry to your computer, browse to the media card using Windows Explorer (or whatever file browsing utility turns you on) open the Blackberry folder, inside there you'll need to open the IM folder.

    Inside the IM folder open the folder bearing the name of whatever the PIN is of your blackberry and then double click the CSV file of whichever bbm contact sent you the message. And now you can read the message without your friend knowing that you read the message.
    By the way, the CSV files are all named using the PINs of your bbm contacts.

    Good Luck!

  16. Just to clarify,

    The message your friend sent you will be in that CSV file. When you're finished reading the CSV file, the message will still appear as unread when you look at the screen of your Blackberry. And that is how you get around the whole entire problem, you read the message on your computer instead of the blackberry.

  17. Wow that is very intense. Thanks for letting everyone know!

  18. Hey, is there a way that I can hide people status messages?? Sometimes I just don't care to read them (lol). Probably not, huh? I have the 8530.

  19. I am not to sure about that. I still have the old BBM so I don't know!

  20. This problem has just occured and I can't seem to be able to open any of the bbm my friends have sent me today. I hear my phone vibrate to alert that I have recieved a message, but no matter what I click on...I can't open it. (I can tell who it is from, and can see the first 2 words but can't fully open to see all the dialogue delivered) I already tried taking the battery out and re-putting it in. Nothing.

  21. Oyy that does not sound like fun at all

    Hopefully it all worked out in the end and if not maybe you will get a new phone out of it!

  22. It's much easier to just email yourself the CSV file and open the attachment... Just a thought.

    Applications- Files- File Folders- Media Card- BlackBerry- IM- BBM- Click the appropriate PIN- History- Menu Key- Send/share.


  23. I have a BB 8310...Ive been sending long texts on mms format so the person receiving can have it all on same message instead of trying to piece together more than one on regular text format...It doesnt show the R & D on the reg text format (assumin I may have that option off) but I have it turned on on the mms options, however a D always shows about 1 minute after I send it, but never shows an R, even when I know theyve read it. I just got my first R today and now Im really confused. Any way to know for certain if theyve read or seen your mms?

  24. Hi when I send a message the person has read the message for sure
    But part of the message says R and the other half still remains
    As D.I knw the person does not want me to know I he has received
    The message, why is that? I mean half the message says R
    And the other remains D

  25. Wow its so strange that nobobdy really answered the question the man asked. His question was

    " So what do you think, is the ability to see whether someone read or hasn’t read your message a good thing?

    And Nobody answered the question how confusing

  26. People who think that its acceptable to read my messages and not reply I dont consider them my friends AT ALL. They are fake as a fake friend can be simple as that. I dont care how busy you are your obviously not that busy if you can pick your phone up and READ my message are you??? Besides it doesnt take more then 30 seconds MAXIMUM to reply back if you cant give me 30 seconds of your time then your not worth my respect.

  27. This is another excellent app that let you to read BBM without changing status from D to R!