Friday, March 27, 2009

Adding Color to Your Outfit!

Adding color to your outfit will definitely make you stand out. However, too much color is not a good thing and you need to make sure that you have the right amount so that you do not end up looking ridiculous. Wearing colors has always been a nice spring trend so it is important to try and implement them in your everyday outfits.

“Wearing color can do amazing things for your skin tone, hair color, and overall
appearance. While basic black will forever be a wardrobe staple, adding in a few
more shades can spice up your wardrobe and add interest to your look” – College

According to, here are some easy ways to add color to your outfits:
1. Start small and work your way up
2. Trade in basic black for a different neutral
3. Choose colors that work with your skin and hair
4. Wear a neon shoe
5. Add a bright handbag
6. Wear a multi-colored dress
7. Sport colorful jewelry
8. A bright top and denim = Love
9. Two words: Colorful accessories
10. Just have fun!

How do your add color to your outfit?

XOX Jessica


  1. Colored tights! SO much fun, so many shades/prints/finishes, cannot emphasize the fabulousness enough with a great pair of tights!

  2. Yes I agree. Colored tights can really make an outfit look fabulous!