Monday, March 23, 2009

Strong Shoulders

If you have picked up any fashion magazine recently or seen any of this seasons fashion shows you most likely have seen the new trend Strong Shoulders. This style is making a comeback and I am pretty sure most people never thought it would. Personally whenever I see this trend it reminds me of some of the older outfits my mom used to have (or still has hidden away in her closet - in that case I guess it is a good thing for her). I personally am not running out anytime soon to get a shirt or jacket that has strong shoulders. However, it may start to grow on me but I will just have to wait and see what happens.

What are your thoughts?

XOX Jessica


  1. Leave it in the 80s, I was never a fan of it then and I am still not a fan of it. I like a sleeker look, nothing worse than having to turn sideways to get through a doorway :-)

  2. I'm not into this style, leave it for the runaway but not every day, i just don't think it works

  3. Totally agree with you both. Let's keep this for the runway! I don't plan on wearing this style anytime soon.