Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Ultimate Shiny Leggings

For all occasions whether going to class, to a bar or just hanging out with your friends shiny leggings are the ultimate pair of pants to have. They can be dressed up or dressed down no matter what the occasion. They come in a variety of different styles such as high-waisted or regular and have a assortment of different colors including but not limited to: black, purple, magenta, fluorescent green, charcoal, fluorescent yellow and poppy. These leggings are super comfortable and are made with a highly durable material so you will not have to worry about them wearing out!
So what are you waiting for? Go to your local American Apparel now and get a pair (I have two and never stop wearing them!)

XOX Jessica


  1. OMG I can sooooo sympathize with you, once I got my first pair in black I went bonkers buying them! You should try the high waisted style, they tend to run a little longer so they look stunning with a pair of heels!!!!!

  2. I am already ahead of the game, I have the high waisted ones!
    American Apparel also has a new style of the high waisted ones they are a jean print and they are soo nice!

  3. Have you gotten the jean print ones yet? I just ordered every color I could in the high waisted and am starting to go to the standard ones for more color options. I also just got some Rock & Republic sipper leggings, you HAVE TO GET SOME!!!

  4. Yup! The jean print ones are the best. My only problem is that they do get a little bally on the inside of the legs so wash them inside out!
    I need to get the grey ones I saw someone wearing them and they are so nice! and then maybe the green ones for St. Pattys Day!
    I haven't seen the Rock & Republic ones... I am going to check them out right now!


    I hope this address works, I think you will love these leggings, they look amazing with a silky purple tunic or even a tank, just fabulous!

  6. reminds me of the 70's

  7. more woman should wear
    shiny lycra/spandex leggings !
    looks amazing and kinda sexy

    just love them

  8. i love leggings men should wear them

  9. Wonderful shiny leggings. Would love to wear them for my workout. Few days ago have bought some compression leggings. They are very great and provide full comfort while exercising. Will recommend my friend too as she wanted to have leggings.