Tuesday, February 10, 2009

South Beach Collection by OPI

As I sit in my bed looking at my newly painted and recently chipped nails I start to wonder what color I should paint them next. Of course I decide to go to the oh so fun OPI website to try and find the next color for me! OPI recently came out with their new South Beach Collection and it features what I believe are some of the best colors for this spring and summer!

I am currently wearing “Catherine the Grape” but after my class at 5:30 I hope to go out and purchase the color “Overexposed in South Beach” a vivid purple that apparently will attract a lot of attention. Maybe it will be my lucky day!

Anyways I am off to class!

XOX Jessica


  1. I love the new colours of the South Beach collection! I recently bought Parlez Vous OPI, which looks very similar to Done out in Deco. It seems as though purple hues are back in for nails- which I adore. Feelin' Hot Hot Hot! looks like it is one I am going to have to go out and buy!

    Thanks for updating us nail polish lovers!

  2. My roomate has that color, I love it! OPI knows how to make good colors thats for sure!
    Keep checking back and I will be sure to keep you updated with the new colors!