Sunday, February 15, 2009

Roots Leather Purses

If there is one thing every girl MUST have it is a Roots Canada Leather Purse. Roots leather purses come in a variety of different styles and colors. With this large variety there is a purse for women in all different age groups. On top of the wide variety of purses they are also built to last. If something does happen to the purse Roots will send it to get fixed at no charge.

I personally have the venetian village purse. I purchased it last summer before I travelled Europe and it was the BEST possible purse to travel with (no pick pocketers for me!). I use it for all occasions whether I am running to the mall or going out for dinner with friends. I cannot say I have any other purse that has been as practical as my Roots purse.

If you do not have one already you should go check them out at Roots. Or click HERE to see them on the site!

XOX Jessica


  1. hmm, well good designs of leather handbags but is there anybody purchased Brazilian Shoes ,if yes then tell me are they expensive or cheap.

  2. Hey Jessica,Nice designs with beautiful colors of handbags.what if you came to see some Korean Handbags designs and brands.

  3. Hey!
    I clicked on the link for both the Brazilian Shoes and Korean Handbags and nothing came up on the screen. Is there another link I can go to and check them out?