Monday, January 26, 2009

Top 10: Most Desirable Canadian Women of 2009

Isn’t it funny that the day after I blog about Vogue’s 2008 top ten best dressed I come across the TOP 10 MOST DESIRABLE CANADIAN WOMEN OF 2009? According to the following is a list of Canadian women, who according to a survey done by (a men's online magazine) are this year’s most desirable women:

Kreesha Turner (Edmonton, Alberta)
Shenae Grimes (Toronto, Ontario)
Leah Miller (Etobicoke, Ontario)
Avril Lavigne (Napanee, Ontario)
Elisha Cuthbert (Calgary, Alberta)
Rachel McAdams (London, Ontario)
Jade Raymond (Montreal, Quebec)
Anna Paquin (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Evangeline Lilly (Saskatchewan, Alberta)
Emmanuelle Chriqui (Montreal, Quebec)

From this list I must say Canada seems like a pretty good looking country! However isn't it sad that these lists even come out. Why is it that I do not come across lists for the top 10 most skilled women in Canada? Instead we are always curious to know which girls are going to be in the Playboy calendars. Why do people even care about these lists? Do they serve any real purpose or is it just for superficial purposes? And on another note, Anyone know who this year’s top 10 most desirable American woman are?

XOX Jessica

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