Thursday, January 22, 2009

Classically Chic

As I sit on my couch watching Dazed and Confused I decided to go about my usual internet surfing. I came across a fashion style quiz and decided to take it and according to the Ladies Home Journal my fashion style is: Classically Chic!

“You're a woman who loves her life -- you've worked hard to get where you are,
and you're darn proud of it! You are brimming with confidence and assertiveness,
and friends and colleagues know that if they need help solving a problem, you're
the woman to see.”

Loving the quote up above however the type of clothing in the results which is suppose to describe my style = SO NOT RIGHT! I always wonder who comes up with these quizzes and if in the end they really are accurate… What do you think?

XOX Jessica

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  1. I love taking online quizzes, so I decided this one would be interesting. After answering the ten questions, my results read: Your Style Is: Subtly Sexy
    You're magnetic, sensuous, and full of life. You love to laugh, indulge in delicious food and drink, and be touched by someone you love -- anything that tickles your senses. You've got charm and charisma, and seem to enchant everyone you meet.
    Your clothes reflect your sexy nature. You relish the feel of luxurious fabrics against your skin, and you dress to bring out your alluring side.
    Your wardrobe staples:
    Wide-leg pants in silky materials that flow when you walk.
    Long or short skirts in velvet, suede, and leather -- any material that feels wonderful.
    Wrap tops that show off your shape.
    Camisoles, tees, and light sweaters with details like lace, a ruffle, or embroidery.
    Sexy, strappy heels.
    A glittery, oversized ring that catches the eye.

    To my amazement, I found this to be true to my style, as I enjoy everything listed in the style description. This quiz only took a few minutes and reading my results were fun!