Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bleached Jeans

Bleached Jeans have become one of this seasons biggest trends, and the best part is you can even make them yourself! Bleached jeans have been spotted on many stars like Nicole Richie and they have quickly become one of this seasons must have jeans. Many different designers like J-Brand, Jet and Martin Margiela have designed their own bleached jeans and can be purchased in stores.

If you are looking for a low-priced alternative, you can always make your own! Follow these steps and you can make your own pair of bleached jeans:

1. Find an old pair of jeans you do not care to ruin
2. Decide where you want the bleach to go and how you want the jeans to look
3. Carefully use bleach with either a paint brush or just pour it on the jeans, depending on your desired look
4. Put them in the dryer for a bit
5. Enjoy your new jeans!

I have yet to try this but I plan on doing it very soon! What do you think of the look? Have any of you bleached your own jeans?

XOX Jessica

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